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Ryan Kidd fans! The chance is finally here to purchase your opportunity to be an Official Ryan Kidd VIP! I always interact with my fans but with so many of you and so much going on it is hard to devote personal time to truly interact. With this package you can ensure your 1 on 1 time as a Ryan Kidd VIP and grab some exclusive VIP merchandise as well!

The great thing about these are that at Ryan Kidd Pro you become a VIP for LIFE, not just one night!

Package includes:
• Exclusive VIP T-shirt
• Ryan Kidd VIP laminate & Lanyard
• Never Before Printed VIP Personalized 8x10 & 4x6 photos
• 'Go! Fight! Win!' Rally Towel
• VIP Pin
• Black & Yellow '' Rubber Bracelet
• Special VIP Newsletter
• Promotional Material (Flyers, Posters, Placards)
• special gifts, surprises, & more!

VIP Privileges Include:
• 50% off ALL Ryan Kidd Pro Merchandise for life! (At Live Events AND Online!)
• Personal Meet & Greet w/ Ryan Kidd & Possible guests!
• High Gloss banner background 4x6 photo w/ Ryan Kidd
• Social Media Recognition on Ryan Kidd's accounts!
• Reserved Front Row seats to all events feat. Ryan Kidd
(Event admission not included)

And when we say 'gifts and surprises' it isn't an extra flyer or business card! These unlisted extras include: Photos, DVD's, and more!

*Package will be picked up in person at the event. Add which event you intend to pick your package up at and shirt size in the 'comments' section at checkout.*

Grab one quick, there is only ONE package available!


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