About Me

Ryan Kidd is an American independent Professional Wrestler currently residing in San Diego, CA! Since Ryan was a kid (pun intended) his calling in life has always been Professional Wrestling. Whether putting on neighborhood events in his backyard or investing thousands of dollars in merchandise; Pro Wrestling has always been a major part of Ryan's life. 

At the young age of 13, Ryan Kidd began his training and initial steps into the world of Professional Wrestling. Three years later, in the pursuit of further knowledge of Professional Wrestling; Ryan relocated to Florida to continue training and wrestle on the Eastern United States. Following his return from Florida, Ryan began wrestling a very regular schedule in Mexico and began training and wrestling almost exclusively in the Lucha Libre style! In late 2014, Ryan traveled to Mexico City to train at Arena Mexico and Arena Coliseo for CMLL! In his five year career, Ryan has wrestled in: California, Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, Texas, Illinois, Arizona, Nevada, Tijuana, Mexico City, Sonora, and MexiCali. 

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